Sunday, 7 March 2010

What goes around…

I picked up the new University Campus Suffolk prospectus at work the other day. I was immediately struck by the similarity to an idea I applied to an invite for a FE Art & Design show at Suffolk New College some 3 years ago.

Not to say that my idea was in anyway original or that it had any influence, I'm sure it didn't. I was just struck by the similarity. I must, however, own up to the stylistic influence for the invite I created. There were some great Guardian ads around at the time, shortly after the paper's redesign in 2006. While the specific ad pictured below may have run a little later, it is a good example of the work coming out of Wieden+Kennedy for the Guardian around this time. Brilliantly simple campaigns that used killer ideas and great copy with achingly contemporary rendering of type and colour. I just had to give it a go myself and as you can see, I fell somewhat short by comparison. Although in my defense, it was a freebie with a short deadline on the side of a full-time teaching job, and I'm no copywriter.

So, back to the 2011 UCS prospectus - I was going to point out the typographic faux pas displayed in the design, but then the realization that they are my employer got the better of me so I decided not to. (Answers on a postcard to Dublog.) However, I must say, it is a vast improvement on the 2010 prospectus that had a pin-board and fake polaroid/post-it note theme. Hmmm.

University Campus Suffolk
Suffolk New College

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James Kindred said...

Glad you like it Nigel (I think?), not a copy of yours, I promise.

The brief for the work was to create a style of prospectus that appealed to a large cross-section of people, without reverting to the standard stereotypes (polaroids, non-descript silhouettes).

Type was the obvious choice (one of our influences was the underground and print campaign Dixons/Saatchi were running at the time), and finding a way to include multiple messages, both on the cover, and throughout the book was a challenge we wanted to meet.

It was my my swansong project for Spring before setting up the new outfit ( Hopefully it's a sign of great things to come.