Tuesday 11 April 2006

Noise Annoys, East Anglia, UK.

Ongoing Dubdog projects 0.1

Working alongside a long time collaborator who has had a finger in many a local band, I'm in the process of designing a website for any band that has passed through his hands. Under the moniker 'Antigen Records' (working title), the site will be a sort of family tree with downloads. Most of the bands will have played around Colchester and Ipswich during the late 1980s and 90s, some venturing to the big smoke and even treading international stages. Some are still recording/performing today. The content is being written as I type and will cover bands as diverse and undeserving as; Pindown, Bum Gravy, Elvispresley PLC, White Slug, Optimum Wound Profile, Earth Mother Fucker, Headbutt, Blur, Scudamor Ziadune, Haysel Dean and the Carp Enters from Hell, Gashed, Scarlet Dawn, Fuckhead, The Lost Connections, Extreme Noise Terror, Hex Minora, The Ballistics, Violent Playground...I could go on but chances are most people wont have heard of any of these bands (except maybe for one or two). It's a shame because some of them were actually quite good. The site promises to be highly entertaining and much of the music unlistenable. If anyone has anecdotes about any of the bands mentioned (that aren't libelous) or even better, lost recordings or video footage in your loft, please get in contact. The launch date is to be confirmed as paid work and social lives come first, but we are aiming for later this year.

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