Monday 16 July 2007


Seen at Latitude (not performing).

Mark Steel
Marcus Brigstocke
John Cooper Clarke
Paul Simonon
Paul Tonkinson
Scroobius Pip
Bloke who played Inspector Lindley
Michael Eavis
Keith from The Office
The Bobby McGees
Don Letts

And a big ***k you to the coked up media bores being dicks outside our tent at 5am, every bloody morning!


Steven Ball said...

here's a limerick by John Cooper Clarke:

There was a young man called Leigh,
who thought he'd been stung by a wasp,
When asked "did it hurt?"
he said "no,
it can do it again if it wants".

the man's a genius, I hope you shook his hand.

Dubdog said...

JCC used to come round a house share I lived in in Colchester to visit someone else living in said abode. I used to get back from work and find him sitting on the sofa! He was particularly taken with the waist coat and watch chain I used to sport back then (don't ask). Unfortunately that was a fair few years ago and I'm sure he wouldn't remember me so I didn't try and talk to him (and I hate letting celebs that they've been recognised, they've generally got big enough egos as it is). He doesn't look well, not that he ever did, but yes, I agree, he's a lyrical genius. I love the way when he performs he introduces each poem by saying, in thick Mancunian accent, " And this one goes exactly like this..."

Dubdog said...

there should be the word 'know' in the previous post somewhere...see if you can spot where.

Dubdog said...

I actually held a 'long drop' toilet door open for MIchael Eavis! It was on the guest site we were camping on and he was explaining to someone how he designed the toilets. Although I didn't talk to Mr Upsidedown Head (as someone once described Michael Eavis to me), I can say, as one designer to another, Michael, form is supposed to follow function and your toilets are pure function with virtually no form.

Steven Ball said...

I didn't know that you and JCC had crossed paths in the distant past. I don't think there's anything too wrong with saying "hello" to slebs (is JCC really a sleb though?) if it's to tell them that you genuinely admire your work, as long as you don't go all fanboy fawning like, more like from one artist to another, heh!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic word game kept me amused for hours then I writ a poem.

No Noah no know Noh


Know Noah knew NEU?



Anonymous said...

Re Michael (Mr Upsidedown Head) Eavis.

This is true - my friend doesn't have a real beard we fix his on in the mornings using metal filings and a red pointy thing (for moving them around).

So please don't make no fun of people whoose faces are afflicted by 'CHADVALLEYISM'. Maybe one day you find someone planting large plastic ears, wontonly, on the side of your head (if yer lucky, often it's front and back).