Friday 12 December 2008

No solution

I've just read a particularly weak entry from the usually pretty good Creative Review blog about the new McDonalds packaging graphics. Here's my response:

‘Going that extra mile’ on the bag in the last photo… when I spot that same bag decaying in a hedge a mile from the nearest drive thru I may raise an ironic smile. However, the packaging doesn’t get seen before the purchase so serves no purpose other than surface dressing. What a waste of ink on paper! It makes no attempt to address any of the problems of McDonald’s litter: now that really would be worth reporting. This is a missed opportunity and begs the question where is the design imagination? Why not take the opportunity to get consumers to dispose of their litter appropriately through graphics on the packaging? I can’t applaud graphics that make no attempt at solving a problem, this is just prettying up an existing one.


1 comment:

Steven Ball said...

They should make the packaging edible and double the nutritional value of the whole deal.