Wednesday 27 June 2007

Thanks Tone, it's been a blast!

10 years ago was a different time.
I sometimes think we forget and need a little time to reflect on the distance we've travelled.
Just think.
There was war then.
There were childen living in poverty, (as if children in poverty was any worse than any other kind.)
You wouldn't believe the tribal wars in god forsaken far off lands.
How we hated those, back in the day.
There were ultra rich and there were ultra poor.
There were multinationals who ignored human rights.
There were people sleeping in shop doorways and people begging on the streets.
Tch. I know, its hard to remember such a time.
There was intolerance toward people of physical or economic persecution coming to this land.
There was distrust of our own youth. Our own youth! Can you imagine that?
There was a lack of respect shown towards older generations.
Can. You. Believe. That?
There was pollution and environmental disaster looming. How we worried about that.
There were nuclear weapons and there was terrorism.
There were poor schools and poor hospitals with poor people in them. Poor people! Jees!
There was a low paid underclass who cleaned rich peoples houses or worked in those poor hospitals.
There was even, I kid you not, distrust of politicians. We all blamed voter apathy, remember?
Now get this, there were actually shallow, vacuous celebrities. Huh.
Backward thinking was, like, so in vogue. No, more than that, I'd go as far as to say it was the zeitgeist.
Who'd have thought we could have come so far in ten years?
Thank God for now!
Fairwell Tony, it's been a blast.

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