Tuesday 18 September 2007


Currently in the middle of bouncing backwards and forwards identity proposals for the eco-venture project mentioned in a previous post. It's that difficult and anxious stage where every tweek and re-think means waiting a day or two for an answer via email to see whether the client likes your ideas or not. You also spend a fair amount of time creating presentation PDFs to present your ideas clearly to clients by proxy. Thankfully, this client has some design sense but it's always disappointing to get that fantastic idea you had returned with "not sure about this, can you try xyz instead," and then on reflection you realize that the fantastic idea wasn't actually that fantastic. However, it's sometimes that pushing by the client that drives your creativity. The real buzz then comes when you're getting to the stage when you think your ideas are never going to satisfy and you're beginning to believe you are drying up and BLAM, something hits you from your not sure where and you're off in a different direction. More research, more information gathering, more trials and then another PDF gets emailed off with polite comments and the hope of all hopes that this is the one that's going to let you get your teeth into the next stage of the job. But that's the nature of beast - design is a process and processes need working through. It's exciting, it's challenging and it is also very frustrating, especially when you've a million other things going on in your head at the same time. That's it for tonight now though, enough of staring into this screen, a bottle of organic cider is calling from fridge.

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