Tuesday 11 September 2007

Put some coffee on someone

Summer is nearly over and as usual at this time of year there's a surge of activity happening around the kennel. However, there seems to be a considerable amount more this year. So, in no particular order here's an update;
Dubdog is proud to announce it's involvement in the launch of a local eco-venture but unfortunately can not go into details at this stage but logos, letterheads, leaflets and a website are all being worked on;
Pindown is alive and kicking after a hiatus of several years and music is being scraped and spliced together and lyrics being written and there's even talk of rehearsals which will hopefully lead to several live outings.
And as the new college term starts, usually a very busy time, I'm winding down in one teaching job and gearing up for another as I switch in early October to lecturing on a Graphic Design degree course at the UK's newest academic centre, University Campus Suffolk.
More news and updates of all this when I stop panting and have a chance to draw breath.

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