Tuesday 26 February 2008

Kino eye

The Royal Festival Hall just before going to the brilliant Rodchenko exhibition at the Hayward Gallery.

Ipswich Railway Station after returning from Breaking The Rules, an exhibition at The British Library exploring the 'Ists' and 'Isms' of the European Avant Garde.

Both, 25.02.2008


Steven Ball said...

Did you see Laughing in a Foreign Language? Haven't seen either that but hoping to. I think you're reading that upside down, it reads WSI and it indicates an open wifi connection :)

Steven Ball said...
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Dubdog said...

haha. Didn't realise, but why is it spray painted on the platfrom?

I did take in Laughing in a Foreign Language. I didn't laugh much!

Steven Ball said...

U cld say same for ISM. I deleted the comment that said I thought WSI was the middle of Ipswich. It would ave been a good joke (and cryptic crossword clue) but I got it wrong of course because I was reading upside down. Yesterday I accidentally put a stamp on the upper left hand side of an envelope, not just that two envelopes! I'm losing it. Surprisingly, even though I posted them after 1pm they both arrived at their destinations this morning. I'm not sure whether Foreign Language is meant to be funny, or ironic. Here we're post-ironic(ist).

Steven Ball said...

oh and is there a connection between Rodchenko and Dziga Vertov? (I should know this sort of thing)

Steven Ball said...

yes there is:
Rodchenko poster at bottom of page.

Good Night

Dubdog said...

Couldn't see the image on the link you supplied but Rodchenko did a poster for Kino Eye and was greatly influenced by, and worked with, Vertov.

There were aspects of Foreign Language that really annoyed me, such as Olaf Breuning's Home 2 and Doug Fishbone's joke machines but I did quite like the work of Taiyo Kimura (one piece actually did make me laugh - Stool For Guard). I also liked Jake and Dino's Rake's Progress reworking which had a 17th Century Star Wars feel to it (the scene where Luke first meets Han), but blowing up pages from Shrigley's books was pointless and just appeared to be playing to his superstar status.

Steven Ball said...

Yeah thought as much re Vertov. I've never *got* Fishbone, the Chapmans are always good for a sardonic laugh although I do find their Swiftian allegorical approach a little smug sometimes. Perhaps annoyance is part of the point. The rest I've yet to see. It'll have to be post convalescence now anyway.