Friday 6 June 2008

I shot the serif.

This is Experimental Jetset at the D&AD President Lectures last night at Logan Hall, London. A great presentation despite their nerves, the fact they were reading from a script that they hadn't rehearsed and that Erwin kept disappearing below the table to fetch printed material to hold up in front of a lecture theatre with what must have held over 700 people as if he were showing it to 20 people round a table. They were self deprecating, warm, human and displayed no pretensions or sense that they were 'superstar' designers. Their passion for graphic design and the clarity with which they explained the processes with which they approached projects and arrived at solutions was captivating. I came away enriched.
If you want to see Danny, Erwin and Marieke in action, there's a Quicktime clip on the Helvetica film site here.

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