Sunday 29 March 2009

Prize designer

I was a prize earlier this month. I've never been a prize before! Suffolk Soundwaves wrapped me up and gave me to 5 bands who had won an 'Ultimate Bands Contest'. Soundwaves are a music project for 13 - 26 year olds in the Suffolk Coastal Area who aim to provide musical entertainment and opportunity in an area that is almost completely devoid of opportunity for young bands, particularly those with out a classical training and rich parents. The five bands that won got to record three tracks in a professional studio which are due to be released on a compilation CD at the beginning of April. As well as the exposure this could bring them, by winning they also got a day with a voice coach, a day with a band manager to find out more about the industry and a day with me discussing the importance of graphic design & music and advice as to how to promote themselves on a budget.

Silk and Steel talking to Henry from Soundwaves after my workshop

Soundwaves do a great job in providing music workshops with professional tutors covering technical aspects of the music business and rock, pop and DJing studio sessions and gigs. The enthusiasm from the young bands I met was infectious and I was proud to have been involved. I am now looking forward to seeing them all play live at the Soundwaves CD launch party next week and finding out at last what they all sound like. More details from Soundwaves' MySpace page here.


Dicky said...

heh, I read that first line, and for a couple of seconds was thinking "a prize what?" ;-)

But good on ya mate - nice one for getting involved and encouraging a new generation of music industry rape-victims ;-)

(No, really, I've stopped being cynical now, honest guvnor...)

Laurence Berry said...

haha gotta love their hair :| they are a mennace to the town of felixstowe, ba design all the way!