Wednesday 18 August 2010

Drux Flux Test Dept remix

Caught this on SkyArts the other evening.

Drux Flux, 2008

It's got the lot; brooding crescendo laden music, industrial landscapes and constructivist references abound; it's dark and grubby and doesn't so much press my buttons as smash them over the head with a piece of lead pipe and a lump hammer. Got me coming over all sentimental about Test Dept.

Test Dept, sometime in the 1980s

Try watching them together. It works.
Try turning the sound off of Drux Flux while Test Dept plays. It works.
Try turning the sound off of Test Dept while Drux Flux plays. It works.

Now this is what I call a 1980s revival. I just wish I could find YouTube footage of what Test Dept did to Jools Holland's car on The Tube.

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