Thursday 20 January 2011

Korma karma harmer

Picture the scene; Claire and I decide on a Sunday night curry. We walk to our nearest take away, order, pay, and go across the road to the pub for a quick pint. Back to the take away 20 minutes later, we pick up curry and go home to enjoy.

But, in unpacking the curry from the brown paper bag, I find this hideous piece of insidious advertising visually mugging me at my own dinner table. It almost put me off my vegetable korma. Not only was I pissed off that our trusted local take away had stooped to such levels of income generation, I was also beside myself in terms of how it was such an inappropriate piece of advertising—it is suggesting that what I am about to eat is going to make my breath repulsive. Not a good advert for the food inside.

And that's before I even start discussing the crap graphics of cartoon vegetables.

I know take away restaurants are struggling at the moment because of the recession and that ad creep has been a common aspect of 21st century capitalist desperation, but this really did take me by surprise.

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Unknown said...

Maybe collect these gum adverts and post them above parliament or public toilets?