Thursday 23 June 2011

It's party time

I've been meaning to post about how much I love this British Heart Foundation party pack for a while. Designed by Hat Trick, the minute I saw them on the Creative Review blog I had to buy a pack. What a joy it was to receive through the post and open up.

Every now and then a piece of design comes along that works immediately on an emotive level—an honest heart felt response in these days of throwaway 'likes'. Johnson Banks' interactive Fruit & Vegetable stamps for the Royal Mail in 2003 had the same effect on me. Likewise, last year's Hoxton Street Monster Supplies store for the 826 literacy program, by We Made This, also had me beaming from ear to ear, (see links below).

The playfulness of this alone is enough to make it a winning piece of design. However, as this was designed to encourage healthier eating, it manages to be entirely appropriate for its target audience of young children while avoiding being worthy and preaching to their parents. None of the guilt, all of the fun.

Unfortunately my scanner is broken and my photographs don't do this work justice, so head on over to the Creative Review blog for a complete write up and decent photographs. Or better still, buy a pack from the British Heart Foundation. You don't have to be a child or have a party planned, although you'll probably want to have one once you've seen this. A party that is.

Pin the tail on the donkey anyone?


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