Wednesday 31 October 2007

ID Motions

Above: My responce to an email I recieved today.
Below: The email

Dear NO2ID Supporter,

This email is being blind-copied to everyone in our records with an
IP postcode, so you may well not be affected.

However, if you do live in Ipswich itself - or know someone who does -
we thought you would want to know that on *9th November* Ipswich Borough
Council will be asked to vote on a motion expressing opposition to the
government's ID card scheme, and instructing council officers only to
co-operate with the scheme if it would actually be illegal not to.

If you live in the Borough, it would be useful if you could contact your
Ipswich Borough Councillors to bring this motion to their attention, and
to ask them to vote in favour of opposing ID cards.

You can find out who your councillors are, and write to them quickly and
easily, using this we site:

If you'd like to get even more involved in opposing ID cards in Ipswich,
please reply to this message, and we'll put you in touch with other
NO2ID supporters in the Ipswich area.

Best regards, and, if you can, thank you for helping,
Andrew Watson
(NO2ID East of England coordinator)

Sunday 28 October 2007

Architect's cousin

Update of an experiment from a couple of years ago found while trawling through old files in preparation for a reworking of the Dubdog website.

Wednesday 24 October 2007

NY DigiDigitDigital

'DigiDigitDigital', a film I made in February this year and was previewed at Ipswich's Dark and Daring event in March has sidestepped a submission for the UrbanVideo Project in New York and been passed to Spark Video , again based in New York, who will screen it on October 27th. Thanks to the people at Urban for passing it on and Blake at Spark for the consideration, it's much appreciated.

Saturday 20 October 2007

Thoughtfully applied link

Following from the link in a previous post to Michael Johnson's talk at the recent Applied Green conference, Thoughtful have thoughtfully posted 5 speeches from the conference as well as video footage of David Hieatt from Timberland, opps, sorry, I mean Howies. You can see look and listen here.

Monday 15 October 2007


Been meaning to upload this for a while. Not quite sure how this Public (sic) House in Lewes imagines wheelchair users are going to navigate the steps. Not caught on film (or rather, in pixels) is another small flight of steps just inside the door. Maybe all wheelchair users in Lewes have little jet packs to assist them. And to add insult to injury and then to add a bit of sheer discrimination, the sign is eye height, but of someone standing up!

Sunday 7 October 2007

Armani clad dicks

Hastily cobbled together graphic for a screenprinting course I'm doing at the moment based on some half arsed experiments I've had knocking about for a while and a Pindown lyric.

Saturday 6 October 2007

Never met an environmentalist

I had the good fortune to witness a presentation to graphic design students from illustrator and graphic artist Jody Barton this week. He showed some fabulous work and was amazingly honest about his beliefs, his experiences working for clients and the realities of freelancing. One aspect of his talk caught my interest above all else when he announced that he's never met an environmentalist. Jody had recently spoken at the 'Greening Illustration and Design' conference in which he said the level of debate was pitiful. Further to this he recounted his experiences of doing a job for Greenpeace and his contacts in Greenpeace would fly off on long weekend holidays after a week of saving the planet at their work desks! This really wasn't much of a surprise as I know only too well that most people don't give a shit if it means they have to actively change their habits - I once introduced a recycling scheme at a job and while people praised the initiative and talked the talk, they were generally unwilling to walk the walk to the plastic bins to separate out their waste and just chucked everything in together in the non-recyclables bin. However, it was refreshing to read the Johnson Banks blog today. Today's post is an honest appraisal of their own efforts to be green, an intelligent case study of green issues and how graphic designers can try and do their bit and includes an interesting look at how best to communicate the green message. It's well worth a read in a time of greenwashes, green capitalism and green bandwagons.


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