Saturday 5 April 2008

That's Entertainment

Above - drunken scrawls on the back of a flyer written while watching a Jam tribute band last night.

I thought they were pretty good, despite the fact I usually avoid tribute bands like the plague, but this was a spur of the moment decision after a surprise visit from an old friend. The drummer did a fair rendition of Funeral Pyre which was always going to be my benchmark.

Some of my drunken thoughts while watching the band:
Are they going to split mid set and come back after an interval as the Style Council?
David Watts - a tribute band playing a tribute band!
Does one of them restore furniture as a day job?
Both 'Paul' and 'Bruce' had Paul haircuts - do they toss a coin before each gig to see who's going to play at being Paul?
Does one of their father's manage them and drive them to gigs?

Quotes from the stage:
After playing some of the more obscure album tracks..."I am aware that some of you don't know these songs, but I suppose that's not our fault, is it?"
Midway through set..."We're going to do some songs now from a long time ago." !!!

Despite the fact I do not go out of my way to see tribute bands, this is the third Jam tribute I've seen. The last time I saw one, after the gig someone said to me "They were good, weren't they." I had to point out that they did have the benefit of someone else writing the songs for them! Tribute bands are a bizarre phenomenon but not as bizarre as the audiences that go and see them. They get so worked up, mouthing every word, reliving a little bit of their past to what amounts to little more than a well rehearsed group of over zealous session musicians.

And so, with all the pathos that Paul could have mustered, let's all sing...
See a tribute band and punch the air
The comfort of predictability and lots of cheep beer
now That's Entertainment,
That's Entertainment,
tra lalalalala la la.


Steven Ball said...

Try reading your scrawled notes putting "-ah" at the end of each line. Result? A Fall song!

Dubdog said...

I've been considering what a Storm Bugs tribute band would call themselves. I'd vote for Eat Good Beans.

Steven Ball said...

how about:
Exercise in Futility
Hiding to Nothing
We Need to Get a Life
etc, etc