Tuesday 29 April 2008

Bicycle chuck

I thought I saw Chuck D cycling around my neighbourhood yesterday. The bike was pretty ratty and he had an Argos carrier bag hanging off one handle, both of which seemed a little out of place. I mean, what would Chuck D be doing riding a knackered old mountain bike, let alone shopping at Argos? Never-the-less, I could have sworn it was him; all in black, leather jacket and shades, baseball cap pulled down low. I do hope he's moved to east Ipswich, I wouldn't mind having him as a neighbour. He doesn't drink or do drugs, has a good moral perspective if you can forgive his admiration of Farrakhan and OK, he might bring the noise occasionally but, y'know, we could have worked it out. I did think about inviting him over to help me with my rhyming couplets but it looked like his Argos bag weighed a ton.


Steven Ball said...

Don't believe the bike

Dubdog said...

She watch pedal zero

Steven Ball said...

It takes a nation of millions to hold my bike

Ric8ard said...

Fear of a Black Bike.

Fight the Fahrrad.
(that's Bike in German ;-) )