Wednesday 13 August 2008


Listening to the great Bill Drummond on 6Music this morning made me go looking for his book '45' on my shelves. It's not there. This can only mean I've lent it to someone. I lend stuff all the time and often it doesn't come back. Not through any willful thieving nature on the part of the borrower, more just forgetfulness brought on by our busy lives. I also forget who I've lent stuff to.

I'm equally as bad. I have several DVDs here, (Sin City - Simon A, Sopranos, Night of the Living Dead - Ken, amongst others) that I keep forgetting to return. In fact, I got out Sin City last time Simon came over to return to him but we got so drunk it stayed on top of the piano where I'd put it!

So, as I'm about to buy Bill Drummonds new book '17', if I've lent '45' to any of my regular readers could you remind me who you are. You can hang on to it if you still haven't read it but I'd just like to know it's safe.

BTW, howies, the 3rd biggest clothing company in Cardigan Bay, run their own book and magazine lending service. More details here. And on that note, I'm now off to Ipswich Town Centre Library to peruse their extensive CD collection.

Bill Drummond's website, Penkiln Burn.

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