Tuesday 30 June 2009

Glasto girl

Callie's Official Review of Glastonbury;

Blur- Fantastic
Nick Cave- Very good
Bon Iver- Very good
Bruce Springstein- if he'd sang one more song I would have thrown a stone at him to make him stop
The Specials- Good
Spinal Tap- dreadful- accidently saw them
Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Alright
Bat for Lashes- a bit dull
Neil Young- Excellent
The Doves- Very Good
Camping- Hell on earth

1 comment:

JoWhiley said...

I may have got the wrong end of the stick......but can you let Callie know that in case she missed any she's bound to be able to catch the Sprungstein set in it's engrossing grossness at any BBC opportunity.

Failing that keep watching BBC news programs they're bound to be still prattling on about it.