Sunday 12 July 2009

The last post

I'm under doctor's orders to not use computers for a month in order to try and ease my RSI so Dublog will be static for a while. McJunk, Pindown videos and MA research are obviously all on hold. Check back here in a month or so and hopefully I'll be posting again with mended hands and observing all the health and safety advice about posture, avoiding f***ing laptops and not allowing my obsessive work ethic to get the better of me. So, as you are reading this, all I have to say is Sit Up, Look Sharp, to paraphrase Dizzee. I'm off to do some drawing and read some books for a month. Ta ta.


dubcat said...

What do you mean you'll be reading and drawing and doing girly, paffy things like that ?! I've got a list of manly jobs for you to do.....
Only joking.... xxxx

Knicci said...

Surely the repetitive turning of pages is bound to exacerbate your RSI!!

Will have to remember that one though when it comes to my dissertation - lol! Nicki

anthony wooding said...

Get well soon, Nigel

legal eagle

PS The first pictures are up at The Art of Kerseys. We hope to have an open evening when we have more and will invite you both

anthony wooding said...

Hope you get well soon, Nigel.

ps The Art of Kerseys has its first paintings. Hope to have an open eveneing when we get more and will invite you both