Tuesday 27 July 2010

Shifting deadlines

We're having new windows fitted at the back of our house. 3 up, 3 down, bespoke wooden imitation sashes. Funds wouldn't stretch to real sashes.

We were told by our fitter that they were ready last week and that he could get a helping hand to fit them this week.

This means I've had to move all my computer equipment to a room unaffected by the building works and covered everything else in dust sheets. My studio is currently under wraps.

Unfortunately, this is the week I'd planned to work towards finishing the McJunk book. This was my to do list:
Finish the 8th essay draft and get proof read
Design the cover and title page
Add all the folios to both versions (softback and hardback editions)
Order ISBN numbers and barcodes
Add the above to the imprint page and back cover
Upload to Blurb and order trial copy
Design promo materials and online ads
Design basic promo website (mcjunk.co.uk)
Sign off trial copy and order promo paperback copies
Mail out promo copies

Unfortunately, because of my RSI, I'd never attempt this amount of work at anything other than my desktop set up.

There is absolutely nothing I can do about this situation and the fact I'm on holiday for a fortnight from next week, means that the above list won't get touched until I'm back at the day job and will have to be completed alongside that.

That's the trouble with self-initiated projects. If I was working for a client I'd find a way around this. I'd have to. I'd have to dose up on Ibuprofen and arch over my MacBook, as I'm doing now writing this. But with a project I've set the boundaries on, I'm not prepared to risk a major flair up of my RSI, especially as I'm off for nerve conductor study tests at the hospital tomorrow.

However, sitting around, doing some light surfing and posting, working my way through a stack of CDs, DVDs, recorded TV and unread books and magazines for a week isn't exactly a chore. As long as I can tune my mind into not worrying about my sliding schedules.


Dr Mchiatrist said...

Are we looking in or out?

Are you sure you haven't just withdrawn to be contained by 'the bubble' to elude the McJ deluge?

Dubdog said...

Looking in.