Monday 8 November 2010


Things have been incredibly busy for the last few weeks day job wise, so the progress on McJunk hasn't been as rapid as I would have hoped, but there is progress. This chipping away at little jobs is at least making some headway.

The folios are now done for both Large and Regular versions. A Sunday morning of RSI inducing cutting, pasting and editing sorted that one out. It took an age for the registration of my first ISBN to appear on the Nielson UK ISBN Agency online publishing service, but it's there now (after an email prompt yesterday). Somehow the title was changed to 'Mwunk' somewhere between me sending the forms off and a Nielson employee inputting the data, so I've had to update that. I have also now applied to assign my next ISBN number to McJunk Regular, something I couldn't do until the first title appeared online. Here's hoping both these won't take too long. I don't know whether Nielson have a priority system, and I'd understand if they did, considering they deal with all UK publishers and Dubdog is small fry, but time will tell.

In updating the details on their site, I discovered there is a BIC Subject Categories scheme for the UK book trade which classifies publications into subject areas. I was pleased to find that there is a specific code for Graphic Design. It is AKC in case you were wondering and I've now assigned it to McJunk.

So, once these are through (could be a 2 week wait, again), then I can get some ISBN barcodes. I'll then be ready to upload to Blurb, get proof copies and see this thing in the flesh at last. That's if I can settle on that tricky last paragraph.

Finally, this project had its first public outing after I gave a presentation about my design practice to final year graphic design students at UCS last Friday. I showed sample InDesign spreads and read them three paragraphs of text. Thankfully they were gentle on me.

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