Saturday 16 April 2011

Old Town

While in Holt, north Norfolk, last week, Claire and I popped into the Old Town clothing workshop and showroom. If you like your clothes made to order, in the UK, with a certain 1940s understated styling, then this is the place to go. I imagine British Sea Power would love it.

If the clothes aren't to your liking, then the shop is well worth a visit for its interior design alone. Resembling a store in the 1940s, it feels honest and a breath of fresh air in comparison to the majority of soulless and generic clothes shops; Fat Face this aint!

Old Town have a novel way of selling their wares as well, one that should thankfully keep immediacy seeking fashionistas away, (should the 1940s ever come back into fashion that is). No clothes are available to buy on the spot—you try on the styles you like to get a size fit, then trawl through swatches to pick the fabric and colour you want. Then you wait 4-6 weeks for your garments to arrive by post once they've been hand built. This avoids over production and ensures quality items that have had time spent on them rather than knocked out as quickly as possible in a sweatshop in China.

I also like the fact that they produce their own newspaper; above, with typographic jokes on the front page; below:

Images grabbed from the Old Town website.

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