Wednesday 11 July 2007

ICCARS website launch

Despite a dodgy stomach and unexplained limp (don't ask), I attended the ICCARS website launch tonight keeping one eye on the toilet and the other on the buffet. A host of local charity workers, councilors, solicitors and a judge gathered in Grafton House, Ipswich Borough Council's new HQ and heard about ICCARS work in advising and representing those facing possession hearings at Ipswich County Court before witnessing a tour of the website. Dubdog Design is proud to have been involved in this project and helping to support ICCARS work in trying to prevent homelessness in Ipswich and surrounding villages.

Anthony Wooding, ICCARS Chair and Kerseys solicitor introduces ICCARS.

Claire Tolliday, ICCARS secretary and Suffolk County Council's Financial Inclusion & Advice Service manager takes the audience for a tour of the website.

Buffet laid on by Kerseys Solicitors.

Trying out the site and networking.

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