Tuesday 4 November 2008

Dubdog gone

A big cock up by BT resulted in my Internet connection being disabled for over a week. Once the initial shock had subsided, I decided to treat it as an experiment. Luckily I could access some of my email accounts via WiFi at work and I also had access to the Internet there. But evenings and the weekend were the challenge. I've found that I've watched more films this week, learned the basics of a new computer application I've been meaning to get my head around for a while and I haven't burnt any food: no sneaking off to do a little surfing while I was waiting for the veg to steam. Also my back felt a little straighter from not sitting at a computer for too long and the RSI hasn't kicked in as much.

All in all, not a bad experience. I'd like to think that if civilization did completely collapse I'd be able to cope and at least I now know that I can live without my NewsFire feeds if I was forced to.


Steven Ball said...

The internet's getting kind of inaccessible right now... hard to get on anything... can't breath... can't think... internet meltdown as all the Merkins follow their election.

(oh yeah, Gobama!)

Dubdog said...

What are pubic wigs doing watching the election?

Steven Ball said...

it's all about pubic opinion