Sunday 15 March 2009


I went to see Alex Pearl and Andrew Vass' exhibition today at the Peppermint Shed in Sproughton. It's well worth a visit with the two artists work creating a surprisingly complementary juxtaposition to each other. Andrew's prints reminded me of field boundaries and chaotic cartography while Alex's star watching inspired films, sculpture and prints showed a sophistication I haven't seen in his work before. His work usually celebrates its own shoddiness and imperfections which, while it lends itself to a very human emotional response, has always, in my mind, only worked in an installation/gallery setting. Here there was work that had I have had the money, I would have been happy to have bought home with me.

The exhibition runs until April 17th. Contact The Shed to arrange a viewing, click on the image above for details.
Exhibition blog here.

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