Tuesday 21 April 2009

Stoofer the dog

Stoofer and me a couple of years ago.

Many people have asked where the name Dubdog came from and now seems like an appropriate time to post this however much of a difficult post it is to type. This is prompted by the fact that Claire and I lost our beloved dog Stoofer yesterday. Claire has conveyed our feelings of loss much better than I could on her blog for those that knew Stoofer personally, so I won't write an obituary here. However, I felt I needed, in what is maybe no more than an act of catharsis for which I make no apologies, to mention the derivation of my moniker. When deparately trying to think of a name for an email address we were setting up when we first had the lad nine years ago, we decided to marry my love of dub reggae and the word 'dog', purely because I had Stoofer sitting on my lap while we were brainstorming. Initially dub.dog, the dot was dropped to become Dubdog to freelance my design work under. 

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