Friday 26 June 2009

Blame it on the boogie

When Steven Wells signed off his last piece of writing before he died, little did he know the ironic connotations of the last line. As the press hype up a world going stupid idiot mental over a dead pop star, Boff of Chumbawamba pays tribute to Steven Wells who would have had a field day with this current farcical praise of pomposity and egotism. Read it here on Chumbawamba's blog. It puts things in perspective a little.


Knicci said...

This link doesn't seem to work for me - but hey, sanity, someone else who is fed up with the MJ dead hype! Anyway, I don't think he is dead - its an elaborate hoax to get him out of all those concerts!

Dubdog said...

The link should work but if not, copy this URL and paste into browser: