Thursday 25 June 2009


For eager Dublog readers (the select few), you may have wondered why this blog's header still contains the phrase 'recent work', considering most of my postings of late have been more of the 'interests and throwaway comments' variety. Well, here's a brief round up of all things Dubdog, outside of talking about graphic design for a living in the day job.

McJunk is still ongoing and in fact, it turned 300 today. I posted here a while ago that I was looking at putting on McExhibition and this is still on the cards. I'm getting large prints done every month to level out some of the costs and I'm looking into different display formats and framing options. In the meantime I have also started writing and designing McBook to bring together the myriad of reasons for my continuation of this project. McBook will service two main functions; firstly it will give McJunk some context outside of observational photography and it will also act as an exhibition catalogue which I will use to help secure gallery space. Of course, if there are any Dublog readers who have any inroads in this area (gallery space that is), I'm open to suggestions. McBook will be self published through and will be available to buy online.

The book will take a while to get together, as will all the exhibition material. This is not just down to the day job but also because I'm also currently stepping up the pace (ever so slightly) on the Pindown front. In response to the relative success of our recent gig in Colchester, I'm working on some back drop visuals for Pindown for future live outings. I will also soon be writing new lyrics to accompany Jason's current spurt of musical creativity. This is all in preparation for going into a studio to record new tracks and stuff we've had knocking around for a few years but have never properly recorded. This should all see the light of day in a new Pindown release scheduled for late 2009, early 2010.

More details of all these projects will be released here as and when they unfold.

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Steven Ball said...

"Of course, if there are any Dublog readers who have any inroads in this area (gallery space that is), I'm open to suggestions."
The Foundry in Shoreditch would be an interesting place for this