Sunday 1 November 2009

Tickle the eye

Went to the excellent Mariscal Drawing Life exhibition at the Design Museum on Friday with Claire, Lindsay and some graphic design students. I typed a lengthy review earlier today that also detailed our visit to Tate Modern to see the disappointing Pop Life exhibition and the interesting John Baldessari Pure Beauty show. Unfortunately I managed to lose it all before I posted it! Hmmm, that'll teach me to type long posts directly into blogger while also uploading photos and creating links. Better to type it in TextEdit and paste it over later. Oh well. You'll have to make do with the links below because I'm not typing it all again. That said, I do want to quote Mariscal, who wrote many things on the walls of the exhibition but this made me smile: "We all want drawings to tickle the eye". I'll second that emotion.

Photos from Drawing Life on Dubdog@Flickr.

Design Museum website.

Drawing Life exhibition blog.

Pop Life at Tate Modern.

Pure Beauty at Tate Modern.

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