Sunday 28 February 2010

Six of one, half a dozen of the other

6music, the case for:
  • The musical freedom given to DJs
  • The live sessions
  • The Peel Session reruns
  • Adam & Joe (when they are not off doing other things)
  • John Holmes
  • Jarvis Cocker
  • The Freak Zone
  • Lauren Laverne
  • Craig Charles Funk and Soul show (good cooking/washing up radio)
  • Tom Robinson (if only for introducing me to Sufjan Stevens)

6music, the case against:
  • The musical freedom given to DJs that is wasted on some of the DJs that clearly aren't into music
  • The Dad rock
  • The indie middle-age Radio 2 aspirations
  • The News (why do music stations think there isn't a place for in-depth news reportage?)
  • The Music News (patronizing beyond belief)
  • The Music Week (patronizing beyond belief for a full hour)
  • Steve Lamacq
  • George Lamb
  • The narrow playlists that exclude non-mainstream electronica, hip hop, dubstep, grime or reggae (if it aint Bob Marley, it aint getting in)
  • The bigging up of their celebrity DJs
  • The idea that anyone in their right mind would want to listen to the Psychedelic Furs

The rest is just background

Guardian article


dubcat said...

10 v 11 then. Are you giving any weighting to the different arguments?

Steven Ball said...

I must confess to hardly ever listening to it, but on paper many of the cases for in your list, for me, would be in the case against, so I'm pretty under-convinced. It's also predominantly white and male but that's taken care of, I guess, by 1Xtra and the wonderful Mary Ann Hobbs over on Radio One. I suppose I'm pretty unrepresentative as I haven't listened to the radio on an actual radio for years, don't even own a functioning radio unless you count the Freeview telly box thing.

Kelvin said...

We have 6 radios in the house, all analogue and tuned to Radio 4, except 1, which is used to listened to Chris Evans on Radio 2 (but only every other Monday 7am-7.25am). I say bring back restricted radio broadcasting. Things were much better when you had to show some commitment in order to hear some decent music.
But I do like a bit of Psychedelic Furs now and then.