Wednesday 28 January 2009


I'm currently thoroughly enjoying reading John Eden's blog,, as he posts his experiences of his first, second and third ever gig. Throwing street cred to the wind, he recounts seeing Howard Jones, Ultravox and Marillion and is completely unpretentious in what is a very honest, human account of the life of a teenager getting into music. Highly recommended.

First gig
Second and third gigs

Another current favourite blog is which has just posted an account of a trip to Cuba and the ubiquitous Che icon. Not a revelation but it's good to read a first hand account. However, I particularly liked the recent post about the disabled wheelchair 'logo'. An intelligent critique focusing on the fact that if ever a logo needed redesigning, this is it.

Finally, the 'must show you this' YouTube video that I'm boring work colleagues and house guests with is this American ad for Durex. Very good:

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