Friday 10 April 2009

Can you kick it?

T-shirts by Australian graphic design firm Inkahoots. Making cash from chaos anyone? Surely a free download stencil of the design so you could make your own T-shirts would have been less of a paradox.

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Dubdog said...

Hmmm. Thanks for your comment.

I'm not advocating that Inkahoots give stuff away, far from it, even anti-capitalists have to make a living in a Capitalist world. However, I was pointing out the inherent paradox of anti-capitalist merchandising, I don't think I ever mentioned the word hypocrite.

The counter culture has for too long had their protest subsumed by the market and sold back to them, and while I expect clever marketeers like Diesel to do just that, I do expect more of Inkahoots, a design firm I have a lot of respect for. And besides, does the slogan on the T-Shirt not say kick Capitalism while it's down? How exactly is buying a T-Shirt from Inkahoots going to do that?

We live in times that need real solutions to the problems we face, not fashion led bandwagon jumping empty rhetoric as an outlet for people's economic frustrations. Inkahoots redesigning the cover of Das Kapital to make it more attractive and accessible to a new, 21st Century audience, now that would have revolutionary potential. I'd buy it.