Wednesday 19 September 2007

My Face Space Book

No offence if you're not getting a reply to your request for me to be your friend. It's nothing personal. Give me a ring or email me and we'll go for a pint. Sorry, but I've cancelled my FaceBook and MySpace accounts I'm affraid. FaceBook are still forwarding requests though, so I presume there's some history of me on their archives that other FaceBookers can still see. Not that I did much with the accounts. I only got a MySpace account so I could view some photos on someone else's page. But the visual spew and brainless "thanks for the ads" and the content rich (sic)/download slow phenomenon was never gonna be my bag. I simply don't have the time to wait an age to read drivel. I can read a Ben Elton novel in the time it takes for a MySpace page to load if it's mind numbing shallowness I want. As for FaceBook, well, work colleagues are obsessed and after the umpteenth email poke from people sitting next to me all day made me question the futility of life like nothing since the last time I caught an episode of Midsomer Murders, I cancelled. But, like I said, give me a ring if you have my number, email me if you don't. It's nothing personal.


Anonymous said...

Never mind my-this-face-that. Whatever happened to your flickr account?

Oh and btw... I just found a big pile of empty Fat Digester sleeves in the bottom of a cupboard. They were the ones for the faulty pressed vinyl we sent back. (Why oh Why oh Why didn't we just say "ok, these ones can be the freebies"?)

I also happen to have a big pile of unsleeved charity-shop 7"s so unless you've got a better idea I was gonna Pritt together the FD sleeves and use them for such gems as The Strawbs' "Part Of The Union" etc etc

-- Simon J

Dubdog said...

Strange you commenting as last night while staying in a b&b I had a dream about you and Victor Road!

Anyway, I only set up my flickr account to post comments about yours and Richard's snaps. Have been considering just posting up the considerable amount of shots of cranes I've been taking recently.

Go ahead and use the sleeves for your dodgy 7"s but could you keep one untrimmed one for me.

Anonymous said...

They've all been trimmed (badly!) but none folded. I'll keep a few back in case anyone needs a "mint" FD.

Crane shots, whatever. You could start by posting the stuff you already post here?

Dubdog said...

Yes I could do, but I use this weblog as a quick update that's easier than changing my business website and to post things that may not be appropriate on my business site. I can see flickr being of use to amateur and professional photographers and if I was only interested in photography then maybe I would post there but I don't restrict my creative output to one medium. If I want to publish a photo, I'll post it here; if I want to publish some graphics, I'll post them here; if I want to publish some writing, I'll post it here; if I want to show a film I've made, I'll post it here; if I want to post an MP3, I'll post it here. This is a one stop shop for what dubdog is and does outside of (and sometimes inclusive of) it's business practice and lecturing. Finally, and this is where I have a major FaceBook MySpace problem as well, some of the comments on flickr are really lame and vacuous - I don't need, or want to invite people to rate my images. That is not why dubdog exists and I fear it could lead to the tail wagging the dog.

Anonymous said...

What worries me is the fact you made mention of reading a Ben Elton novel.

Have you seen Tonights The Night yet?

Dubdog said...

Not sure Ben Elton ever had any integrity to start with but yes, I have read a book or two of his, that's how I know they are mind numbing rubbish. I always think it's best to criticize from an informed perspective. However, I can only imagine how nauseously bad Tonight's The Night will be so will in this case I'll make an exception to my above rule.

Anonymous said...

'I'll make an exception to my above rule.'

You token Anarchists are all the bloody same.