Saturday 1 September 2007

Presenting Mr T Thug

Two more Bum Gravy tracks from the Kings Cross Water Rats gig, circa 1994, are now available on YouTube plus some White Slug electronica with visuals from Ric8rd, aka Mr Technical Thug. Click on video above for (in my opinion) his best work so far or here for other work in Mr Thug's catalogue. White Slug begat industrial/metalers Optimum Wound Profile for a while, (well four LPs worth). White Slug's Jason is now working with myself under the guise of Pindown. Mr Thug, the other half of White Slug has left these shores (UK) and is currently working on visuals to be displayed behind Pindown on stage so Jason and I don't have to dance!

Mr Thug also remixed the music for Pindown's Blood Brand. The video for Blood Brand by Dubdog can be seen here.

Lastly, Pindown are currently working on new material, the first since their 2004 release Democracy In Action, and are planning live outings in the near future for which Mr Thug's visuals should get an outing.

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