Monday 26 November 2007

Teaching an old Dubdog new tricks

Just finished the long due overhaul of the Dubdog website and uploaded it to my server. You'll notice a much less fussy feel, cleaner and pared back look. This is for several reasons, least of all to make it load faster as the previous site was constucted completely of images and several areas would hang in cyber space for a while before appearing. I also wanted to give a different emphasis to what Dubdog is and does now, one that is more representative of the sort of work I'm now doing and include more film and photography, while at the same time giving all work equal weight rather than having separate process headings. I've stripped some work out, put some new stuff in and dug up some old pieces that have never seen the light of virtual space. Finally, I didn't want the site to over power the work which I felt the old one was doing and there is now an aesthetic parity with Dublog. I hope that this one will last at least the couple of years the last one did before I become sick of the sight of it.

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