Wednesday 17 September 2008


My submission for an exhibition themed on CMYK with the outcome resulting in an A2 poster of one of my initial ideas. Text at bottom of poster reads:

'I love print. A screen can never match the tactile nature of paper or the smell of fresh CMYK on uncoated stock. Twelve years of working in the print industry leaves an impression you know. Not to mention that my grandfather was a printer and that my father, a photographer by trade, started and ended his career working in print. I sometimes feel I must have Pantone 1807c running through my veins. I can’t walk into a print shop now without my heart beating a little faster and I’m not ashamed to admit I get a little giddy when the smell of ink that pervades the air hits my nostrils. It’s the best smell in the world, fresh cut grass and ground coffee don’t come anywhere near. I am a self confessed print sniffer! CMYK is my DNA.
Nigel Ball, 2008 – after Milton Glaser.'

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