Saturday 7 November 2009

Annual review

Puzzled with what to do with the Photo Booth application that came with my computer when I bought it a year ago, I decided to map my balding. Here is the first annual review.

I am not obsessed with going bald, merely interested in mapping its development.

I long ago gave up the notion that I would ever be able to grow a mohican again.


dubcat said...

The light and length of hair seem to play tricks.
It's difficult to tell whether you are balding at a rapid pace or whether the hair is growing back again! Today's photo looks a bit dodgy though....

Arthur Ihatehairism Smith said...

I'm not sure if it is relevant but I notice your hair has a leaning to 'The Right' (??)

Anything you'd like to declare Herr Ball (no pun intended)?

Dubdog said...

I see. I mention I don't get Arthur Smith and that he pisses me off by always being on Radio 4 when ever I turn it on and suddenly I'm right wing!

Arthur WowwhatacoincidenceSmith said...

No way! Did you really say that about me woah when was that?

Wow that's amazing I just randomly happened across this, may I say marvellous, blog and just make a simple rumination to discover I've found the one person in the world whom I piss off.

Ahhh I believe I made a probing observation and not an observational accusation!!

That said, and bearing in mind I am so very working class, you cannot deny that anyone in comparrison to me is by definition 'to the right' (I'll have to sometime show you the copy of the letter I rcvd from F Engels resigning himself this theory).

Yours AWS
ps Try The Shipping Weather 05:20 GMT likelihood of showers but no me.

pps Some bloke rang into the Womans Hour studio to ask me to tell you he survived the 12 hour shift on 3.5 hours kip oh and thanks for another very pleasant evening.

Arthur Raymondo Smith said...

Would I also be guilty of accusing you of being a 'bingo granny' if I said I'd noticed a 'bluerinse' thing happening 2nd picture from left top row.

Dubdog said...


Yviemarie said...

Im intrigued by the 'photo booth' app...where can I get me one of those? Great idea

Dubdog said...

It comes free with a Mac - not sure there's a PC alternative.