Thursday 6 January 2011

Art, is this real?

This is Grapevine:

Grapevine is a monthly free gig listing guide found in pubs and venues across East Anglia, (well, Ipswich mostly).

This Is Real Art:

This is Real Art Showreel from This is Real Art on Vimeo.

This Is Real Art are are a design and advertising company based in London who work for such clients as Coca Cola, D&AD, Dept. for Transport, Economist, Manhattan Loft Corporation, MTV, Tate, Waterstones and a host of cultural and social organisations. You can see the sort of stuff from the showreel.

Good, aren't they!

This is a typical spread from Grapevine:

Hmmm, good isn't it.

This is an advert for a web developer that appeared in Grapevine this month (click on image for larger view):

This advert is for This Is Real Art.

This struck me as an odd placement as it caught my attention.

Then I realised it had caught my attention.

This then struck me as a very savvy placement—Ipswich: new University with creative courses; large BT tech outpost up the road in Martlesham; cheaper wage expectancy workforce outside of London; cheap ad rates in Grapevine, and many creatives in the town will leaf through Grapevine to scan what's happening locally gig wise, despite its obvious design acumen. Just as I do every month.

This Is Real Art


Sean Cooper said...

Cool ad, Doesn't need the comments though.

Yviemarie said...

Very interesting. I wonder if many outsiders will be advertising in our local places? I hope so.

Tha Grapevine said...

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