Sunday 23 January 2011

Hyper upload

I've just added two videos to Vimeo, Aggressor and Hyper Reality. Both were made in 2009 as additions to the projection Jason and I performed in front of for the last Pindown live outing in Colchester in the same year. The rest of the backdrop was made up of older pieces of motion I had made for a gig the previous year, as well as footage by long time collaborator Richard Rasu.

Of the older work I had produced for the backdrop, these were mostly culled from my existing foray into experimental film making; Back Chat, Contractual Freedom, and DigiDigitDigital, all of which are available to view on Vimeo in their original state.

These two pieces are not intended to be viewed as 'music videos' as they were created to be seen in a live environment, partly to add another dimension to the aural assault that was Pindown live, but mostly to take attention away from the fact that Jason and I weren't exactly a dynamic presence on stage. They have been added now, with the original recordings of the tracks as they appeared on our 2004 Democracy In Action release, as a document of work I've done to date. While this is something I've been meaning to do for ages, now that I look at these out of context of them being designed for a live environment, I'm not particularly keen on them although I do feel they suited their purpose at the time of their production.

Production note:
The reverse type in the Hyper Reality video is due to the fact we needed to project with the use of a mirror in order to get the visuals to fill the wall behind us when performing on such a small stage.



Dicky said...

Nice to see them up on the interwebs Nigel. Glad to see we've been thinking along similar lines (on hyper reality, at least).

Must get round to putting my pindown stuff up in sympathy (ass-u-me'ing that Vimeo can cope with it.. YT always managed to reduce my work to big blocky blothes of nastiness). Would not mind seeing what you did for Flea Circus in the end.

Dubdog said...

Flea Circus was never truly finished due to RSI, deciding not to continue with Pindown and day job workload. I'll render up where I got to and wing it over somehow.

I only used YT for student work and quickly became frustrated with it for the same reasons—Vimeo is much better, and a generally better designed site.

Dicky said...

Yes, please do.. I'd put up my version, but the estate of Michael J would sue my backside to hell if they saw it ;)

Dubdog said...
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Dicky said...

:) Looking forwards to it!

Dubdog said...

Thinking better about having such a public conversation.

Dicky said...

here you go Nigel: